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Sean O'Connell


Leading the Bumblebee charge is IT veteran, Sean O’Connell. Some of his most impressive attributes include: his IT skills, strategic formulation capabilities, management specialist abilities, business consultant skills and leadership abilities. He has more than 30 years of experience in the industry and his feet have walked in many roles – software development, infrastructure management, product development, project management and IT outsourcing. Just to name a few.

Anthony Peters


If you’re talking about managing your finances you want someone experienced, capable and unflappable at the accounting helm. This is exactly how we describe Anthony Peters and his impressive skill set. A seasoned Chartered Accountant, he has worked across numerous business sectors and deftly managed both the company and its finances. He has a track record in integrating and optimising business processes as well as architecting relevant and efficient financial structuring and reporting. This is how finance is done.

Nicholas Volschenk


When describing the abilities of someone who is an expert in technology, it’s easy for things to get dry and dusty and technical. Fortunately, when it comes to outlining how well Nicholas Volschenk does his job, the adjectives come easily. With his IT engineer and software architect training and experience (more than 14 years), he is the perfect person to lead the technology innovation charge. The fact that he is a certified and respected Microsoft professional with a fat repertoire of skills just makes him that little bit more awesome.

Toni Volschenk


As our Chief Operating Officer, Toni Volschenk has a Bachelor of Business Science Degree with Finance Honours. She loves the exciting and challenging world of business ensuring operational efficiency and optimised productivity.  As much as she loves business, she really likes mixing it up with people too with marketing being her passion. 

John Pratt


John Pratt has more than 40 years of business, IT and sales expertise under his belt. Thanks to his understanding of the industry, a deep appreciation of what it takes to see a solution move from idea to reality, and an impressive strategic vision, John is taking MobeeWash global. Over the past 11 years his role has been on strategic sales and sales management and he has been responsible for leading the sales teams, pipeline management and helping to close important deals. He’s also always free for a coffee with a client, any time.

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