Technology Leadership

Driving Technologies forward with our Centres of Excellence

A key component of our offering remains the provision of high-level consulting skills in the areas of Enterprise & Solution Architecture, Application Development, Business & Systems Analysts and Software Testing Services including automation and performance testing.

We have established Centres of Excellence in these respective areas which drive innovation and technologies within The Beehive.

Nicholas Volschenk

Nicholas is a quality driven software engineer with 14 years’ experience in the IT Industry. He has a passion for technology and is self-driven, efficient and motivated. He prides himself in keeping things simple and continuously bettering his skills in all aspects of the development process and architectural design. Producing high quality solutions on time and on budget, making use of technology and development methodologies that work for the customer and their environment. He is a team player who enjoys a good challenge and thrives in stressful environments.

Johan Labuschagne

Coming in at an impressive 20 years of experience in the IT field, Johan is inspired by the diversity and ubiquity of IT. His talents in hardware and network engineering give him a deep understanding of the complexities of IT and how to use the language of software to simplify them. Johan is an accomplished architect with plenty of experience in enterprise, solution, technical and application architecture across a multitude of industries. If anyone can speak the language of software in a way that anyone can understand, it’s Johan.

Trevor Watson

For more than 25 years, Trevor has been working in IT Quality and Testing. He started out in banking as a teller, but when the first pilot software hit the bank, he knew – this was the world for him. Since then he has forged new frontiers and expanded his expertise, becoming one of our most trusted SMEs. He has more than 19 years of management experience, 15 years of project management experience, 25 years in software testing and seven years in specific process engineering. Any questions? Trevor can answer them.

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