Bumblebee Consulting expands its portfolio with SQIM acquisition

Bumblebee Consulting is proud to announce the acquisition of SQIM, one of South Africa’s most recognized providers of Application Integration (EAI), Business Service Management and Software Quality Management services. The acquisition aligns with the brand’s rapid growth in the app development sector with the launch of MobeeWash both locally and internationally.

Founder and Director, Sean O’Connell “They are a great addition to our Group and significantly enhance our service offerings and value-add to our customers.” Commitment and passion to service and customer excellence are emphasized as core values to ensure that the Bumblebee brand is at the forefront of business decision makers in the market.

SQIM has been rebranded as Bumblebee Quality Services and fully integrated to seamlessly provide the full spectrum of seasoned Software Development, QA & Automation services and Best Practices at our clients in addition to the added value of our collaboration with industry leaders.

About Bumblebee Consulting

Bumblebee Consulting offers key services including software development lifecycle optimization, software quality consulting services including performance and automation testing, project management, IT consulting and management consulting, specifically with the view to aligning business and IT initiatives more closely. With 100% BEE ownership and a management team with an intimate understanding of IT in the local market, Bumblebee seeks to engage across the business spectrum to guide organisations in driving digital transformation and embracing the IoT (Internet of Things).

We gladly share the learning derived from the development and deployment of our in-house developed solutions such as MobeeWash and BeeKeeper.