Bumblebee Consulting announced as Sanlam Limited preferred supplier and strategic partner.

Bumblebee Consulting, leaders in IT management and development was announced as Sanlam Limited’s preferred supplier and strategic partner. Bumblebee Consulting has partnered with Sanlam for a number of years, working specifically on SPF Shared Services IT, managed capacity resourcing in designated Microsoft development initiatives, and SME service in support of Microsoft development initiatives.

The relationship between the two brands continues to be mutually beneficially building on the work done by an already strong internal Bumblebee team of specialists at the Sanlam head office in Belville. Both entities are at the forefront of innovation, technology and foster core values of collaboration and leadership.

The recent acquisition of Sqim, known for their work in Application Integration (EAI), Business Service Management, Software Development and Software Quality Management showcases Bumblebees drive to further cement its position as leaders in their field both locally and internationally. The acquisition allows the brand to broaden their SDLC and QA value add under the Managed Capacity model. The acquisition culminates with the brands rapid growth in the app development sector with the launch of MobeeWash both locally and internationally

Founder and Director, Sean O’Connell “They are a great addition to our Group and significantly enhance our service offerings and value-add to our customers.” Commitment and passion to service and customer excellence are two core values Sean emphasises to ensure that the Bumblebee brand is at the forefront of business decision makers in the market.