Microsoft Ignite The Tour Johannesburg 2020

“Microsoft Ignite The Tour Johannesburg” took place earlier this year at the Sandton Convention Centre and to be frank we were not quite sure what to expect from Microsoft. In the past the Microsoft Dev Days were simply amazing, where one would get ground-breaking insights into what the future held for us developers within the […]

Development Strategies for Digital Business Applications 

  In recent months we have seen a big shift in the way customers are doing business, particularly in the banking sector, were driving down overhead costs remains high on the agenda. This is forcing businesses to look at new approaches to application development and bringing with it greater adoption of modern agile practices, new […]

AWS Connect 2019 Ship Great Things 

AWS Connect Cape Town is quickly becoming an event to look forward to on the Cape Town technology conference calendar. Previous iterations offered a broad range of insights and opinions from Amazon’s evangelists and selected clients.     This year’s edition was no different.    It delivered on all fronts with its on-point client case studies […]

AWS Summit 2019 Hot Topic

Once we were able to get in (traffic, parking and registration were somewhat chaotic!) we could settle down to enjoy the various presentations on offer. Since several Bumblebee’s were there, our different interests took us to different streams. The benefit of that is you now hear about a wider variety of talks than just one […]

QA in a Big Data and AI World

So, what is Big Data and how does it relate to Artificial Intelligence you may ask… Well, Big data is a term used to describe the enormous amounts of data being generated in our organizations by the latest and greatest applications that are being developed daily. The data generated by such applications, including many Artificial […]

Make it all about them – Developing a winning Presentation

I was fortunate to be invited to attend a Microsoft Partner conference in Washington some years ago….in fact, it was the year that Satya Nadella ascended to the Microsoft throne. These are amazing events with attendance running at around 20,000 delegates from all over the world. Apart from the sheer spectacle and experiencing really slick […]

Introduction to Angular

Angular is an open-source web application framework with which you can develop for the web, mobile and desktop, it is maintained by Google devs and a wide community. If you are familiar with Javascript then picking up Angular will be as easy as pie. Angular uses Typescript (a superset of Javascript) and AngularJS uses Javascript […]

Release & Configuration Management

What is Release Management (and by extension, what is Configuration Management)?… and why is it important?  This sounds very dry (and maybe scary…) but Release Management lies at the heart of delivering any kind of quality product… we’re talking specifically software systems and products here, although Release management is very widespread in various industries   […]

Delving into Deep Learning – Part 2

Repurpose a model through transfer learning.   The code for this blog is available at   In the previous installment, we talked a bit about ResNET and how it can be used as an image classifier.   My use-case is to exploit what this Neural Network already knows for my own purposes. It can […]

Agile – starting in a new team

Ever been in a team without any structure or processes? Well, the experience is something that we all might have had at some stage or the other. If not, imagine coming in to work one day and having to start in a new team. There’s a lot of excitement because you have a chance to […]